Cult filmmaker Chad Ferrin delivers a bloody and bizarre tale of murder, mind control and maternal horror with The Deep Ones, a mythological thriller so fishy even H.P. Lovecraft himself could not imagine it.After suffering an untimely loss, Alex (Gina La Piana) and her husband Petri (Johann Urb of TV'sArrow) visit California for a much-needed break from reality. There, at an unassuming Airbnb, they meet the mysterious Russell Marsh (screen veteran Robert Miano). Marsh introduces them to the oddly enthusiastic locals, fixes them a lavish meal and invites them out on his luxury boat.Little do they know that beneath Mr. Marsh's thin veneer of avuncular charm lurks a dark devotion to an archaic evil. A wickedly warped twist on the classic Cthulhu mythos, The Deep Ones is what it looks like when Rosemary's Baby undergoes the Innsmouth Transformation.